Raising Capital & Private Placement Advisory Services

For General Partners

US Strategic Capital chooses to represent only a handful of capital raise initiatives per year. Our typical clients include private equity funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds, community banks, and small businesses. We conduct thorough due diligence prior to engaging in the capital raise process. Each mandate and fundraise is customized based on the asset manager’s goals and investor’s needs. Through our customized capital raise process, we have proven the ability to achieve agreed upon targets while providing limited partners with above average returns.

Our Capital Raising Services include:

  • Consulting on minimum and maximum capital raise targets based on current market conditions
  • Advisory on proper engagement strategy with prospective investors
  • Assistance with the preparation of private placement memorandums, presentation materials and other partnership agreements
  • Conducting road shows and meetings with limited partners, coordination and tracking of investors and driving the subscription process to close

For Limited Partners

U.S. Strategic Capital represents funds and clients that will bring added value and above average returns to our private and institutional investors. Our due diligence process, which is the same process sophisticated investors use to evaluate investment alternatives, ensures that we market only high-quality investment opportunities and alternative investments.

Our reputation is what drives our success, so we understand the importance of quality investments. Due to our personalized capital raise process, we get to know the fund managers or business executives in order to provide the right information to investors and why they should consider investing. U.S. Strategic Capital is always available to answer any questions in regards to the offerings we represent. It is critical in our fund raising process to remain transparent and provide investment advice with the utmost integrity.

Our Due Diligence Services Include:

  • Thorough research on fund managers or business‘s past performance and credentials
  • Financial reviews, credit history and background checks
  • Market & industry research
  • Property analysis and due diligence

For Limited International Partners

The United States, due to a stable economy and a solid political and judicial system, is the leading country for foreign investments in the world. We strive to be the conduit for exceptional private investments in the United States and to provide access to our international investors who wish to participate in these investments. U.S. Strategic Capital specializes in representing private mandates that are not publicly accessible to foreign investors. We provide the same level of personalized approach and transparent investment process to our international investors as we do to our U.S. clients. We can also assist in setting up investment vehicles for our international clients in order to benefit from investment gains generated.