Portfolio Advisory Services

We consult and advise. Far too often the individuals giving the “advice” to community banks are the same individuals selling them the bonds. Our goals are aligned as U.S. Strategic Capital has a team of bank professionals dedicated to providing community banks with proven ideas and solutions that can effectively maximize performance within the investment portfolio. We work closely with the bank’s senior management team, banking regulators, and their designated investment brokers. Our intent is to add value in this never before experienced economic environment and unique investment climate.

Many banks have not optimized the income and gains that could have been realized had they been paying greater attention to the investment portfolio or had a true 3rd party who can help create value. In today’s economic environment and for the foreseeable future, banks will not be able to fully deploy their funds in traditional lending; therefore, it is of even greater importance that they utilize our expertise to prudently maximize their return on investments. In addition, investment policies will be under greater scrutiny by the banking regulators in the future as many policies are out-of-date. Our team is made up of current and former bank board members, investment committee members, as well as individuals who led bond departments at some of the largest investment banks.