Mosley Ventures Capital Raise


Sig Mosley is the managing partner of Mosley Ventures. Since 1990, Sig has been the most prolific investor in the southeast, having invested in over 120 start ups which produced 82 liquidity events. Sig is currently the record holder of the largest southeast venture deal with the $5.7 billion acquisition of Tradex by Ariba.

Sig came out of a brief 2 year retirement to start the Mosley Ventures Fund. Sig had two serial entrepreneurs join him, John Vecchio & Wei-Chun Tai; both have achieved multiple exits in the start-up space.  John was also the co-founder of Clearleap, a start-up that produced $35 million in revenue last year.

The Challenge

Mosley Ventures was able to raise an initial $16 million from a handful of very well-known tech investors in Atlanta.  Armed with $16 million, they began the process of evaluating companies.  They typically look at 100 different companies to find just one investment. This requires immense operational time and considerable effort from Sig, John, Wei-Chun and their staff.  There were simply not enough hours in the day to manage a fund and raise capital at the same time.  One side or the other would surely suffer.  In order to focus on the quality of the companies in which they were investing, Sig and his team decided to partner with U.S. Strategic Capital in order to finish the raise and hit the goal of $25 million.

The Results

Using our “local raise on steroids” method, as we like to call it, we produced a series of luncheons and presentations and were able to introduce the Mosley Ventures team to 107 accredited investors and 14 Family Offices in a 4 month period.  Due to overwhelming positive feedback from our investors we eclipsed the initial goal of $25 million and continued towards a newly established goal of $30 million. With a hard cap of 99 investor slots filled, we finally landed at $28.5 million.

The Mosley Ventures team has now invested in 8 excellent companies. Some of the co-investors with the Mosley Ventures Fund are Coca-Cola, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sigma Prime & UPS.