• Mezzanine Loans
  • Cash-Flow Loans
  • Asset-Based Loans
  • Bridge Loans

Credit & Income Strategies

We invest in private debt of lower-market companies with $1 to $25 million of EBITDA

Through the USSC Income Fund and special investment vehicles, we invest our own capital and capital of our investors across a range of private loans. We look for companies often overlooked by banks, with unique growth opportunities and strong management teams.  By investing through a private loan structure, we offer founders a way to preserve his/her ownership and limit dilution. Our investment may include an equity component as part of our loan; however, it is often-times much less dilutive than a pure equity investment.

Specialty Finance Strategies

We provide creative financing to non-traditional financial arrangements

We know how to meet the need of borrowers in sophisticated credit arrangements. Based on our experience in a full range of deal structures, we have helped companies from a wide range of business sectors secure on- and off-balance sheet loans and recapitalizations.

  • Off-Balance Sheet Transactions
  • Distressed Situations
  • $2.5M+ Revenue
  • $1M+ EBITDA
  • Demonstrated YoY Growth in Revenues
  • Controlling & Minority Equity Position

Private Equity

We invest in private equity of lower-market companies with $1 to $25 million of EBITDA

We seek investments in lower-market companies undergoing high rates of growth and where we can bring additional value, either through our capital markets expertise or our wide network of successful individuals who have been on the operational side of a business. Our goal is to be a strategic partner and advisor to the existing management team and to position the company for long-term success.  We typically invest $1 to $25 million as a stand-alone equity investment or as part of a private debt investment. We target opportunities where potential exit is viable within a three- to five-year horizon, and where we believe there is an opportunity to earn above average returns.

Real Estate

We invest across a variety of real estate asset classes

We invest alongside development sponsors through special purpose vehicles across the full spectrum of real estate such as land, commercial real estate, multi-family, medical office, hotels, as well as single family residential while exploiting current market dynamics and cyclical trends. Our preference is to pursue value-add and opportunistic investment strategies, but we will also consider income-generating investments.

  • Land
  • Residential & Mixed Use
  • Commercial
  • Hotels
  • Medical Office

Featured Transactions

Diligent. Deliberate. Transparent.

U.S. Strategic Capital is a boutique investment bank and an investment management firm with a passion for transparency and deliberate execution. This operating philosophy is reflected in our selective approach to client engagements and investment opportunities. As an advisor, our team has collectively raised more than $2 billion in capital by leveraging our vast network of private and institutional investors. As an investment firm, we seek to diligently invest in private transactions and investment strategies targeting uncorrelated risk-adjusted returns above those of public markets.

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