FSLogix, one of USSC Venture Fund portfolio companies, announced it has successfully closed its $7.5 million Series C round, led by Noro-Moseley Partnes and TDF Ventures. To date, FSLogix has raised $12.5 million to accelerate its international growth, as well as expand its marketing and sales resources. You can read full press release here.

USSC is pleased to report we invested in FSLogix about a year ago through a convertible note to provide it with additional capital. FSLogix provides virtual workspace software solutions that accelerate remote desktop adoption. Since 2015, the company has increased its customer base more than five-fold, including Fortune 500, healthcare, and federal sector customers, and it experienced a 300 percent increase in revenue in 2017.

Through the USSC Venture Capital Fund, we continue to identify start-up companies like FSLogix across a variety of industries that are seeking early-stage growth capital.