William Cahill

Bill serves as a Director of US Strategic Capital’s Alternative Income Fund. As a private investor, Bill analyzes and selects among opportunities in commercial real estate, operating and finance companies, in addition to professional practices.

From 1986 to 2017, Bill worked for Wachovia, Bank of America, and Regions in commercial banking, corporate finance, and capital markets. He was involved with sales and management of interest rate derivatives for most of that time and ran the Derivatives Trading Group at Regions when he retired.

Prior to entering banking, Bill was a senior space systems scientist for General Research Corporation. He has also taught mathematics at the high school and college levels.

His education includes a B.S. in Mathematics from UNC-Chapel Hill; an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology; and an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School. Bill is married, the father of three children, and resides in Charlotte, NC.