About Our Team

The principals at U.S. Strategic Capital have raised over $2 billion dollars in capital for community banks, small to medium sized businesses, and a multitude of Private Equity Funds. We have sat on the Board of Directors of over a dozen private and public companies. We have owned, operated and successfully invested in and advised community banks and small businesses for a combined 170 years.

How We Operate

We strive to thoroughly understand our clients’ goals, strategies, and skillsets to deliver and execute on the project at hand. We conduct detailed due diligence processes and only select projects we believe will deliver value to our trusted network of investors. We strive to exceed our client’s and investor’s expectations and maintain a transparent execution business model to ensure that everyone’s interests are aligned.

Derek D. Cunningham
Managing Principal & CEO

Clark Reed
Managing Director

Derrick Williams
Managing Director

Jan Zalud
Managing Director

Marc Borrelli
Managing Director

Jeff Williams
Vice President, Due Dilligence

Jack Bixler

Advisory Board

Patrick Gahan

Billy Lovett

Steve Gertz

Glenn Zweig

Miles Higgins