3108, 2015

US Treasury Yield Curve, 8-30-2015

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Will the Fed pull the trigger at either the September, October, or December FOMC meeting? I believe the financial markets are so fed-up with “will they or won’t they” that any rate hike this year will be viewed as a non-event. The probability is 90% certain that we will see the Fed do what needs to be done […]

1708, 2015

US Treasury Yield Curve, 8-16-2015

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The big news last week came out of China. The People’s Bank of China (POBC) devalued the Yuan by 3.5% in an effort to stabilize its stock market but it also had unintended international effects. More importantly, it gives pause to other central banks on the cusp of devaluing their own currencies. It does not appear that any real […]

1008, 2015

US Treasury Yield Curve, 8-9-2015

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Bond yields are pretty much unchanged since the first of the year but the ride has been anything but smooth. The forecasters have been trying to predict when the Fed might begin to normalize monetary policy with its first rate hike in 9 years. Neither Fed officials, economists, or market experts have been tuned in to the realities that […]

708, 2015

US Treasury Yield Curve, 8-2-2015

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The UST market rallied last week as investors perceived the likelihood of a Fed rate hike shifting from September to December. The 2 year UST was down 7 basis points to .67% and the 10 year UST fell from 2.32% to 2.20%. Comments from the FOMC meeting produced no evidence in regard to future policy but the market’s were […]