2605, 2015

US Treasury Yield Curve May 24, 2015

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The bond market was a little shaky last week in response to mixed economic data and comments from the Fed. The curve saw increases in yields longer than 3 years as market participants stewed over the prospects for a Fed tightening later this year. It is not clear exactly what the Fed intends to do, […]

1805, 2015

US Treasury Yield Curve, May 18, 2015

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The U.S. Economy continues to show signs of weakness and Fed officials have gone silent. Consumers are still not spending as evidenced by last week’s retail sales data plus a persistent lack of wage growth. Retail sales were flat in April and economists are now suggesting a second quarter growth rate well below expectation. (In fact, the Atlanta Fed […]

1105, 2015

US Treasury Yield Curve, May 10, 2015

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April jobs rebound to 223,000; unemployment rate 5.4%, wage growth sluggish, and modest payroll gains. Not what should be considered a good report but an improvement over February and March as each were revised significantly lower. Unemployment is back to 2008 low of 5.4% which is great after 6 years of zero rates and a ton of money poured […]